Magic Sawdust

It was the week before Emma's 5th  birthday and she heard whispering around the house.  Mum was baking a birthday cake and had invited some of the neighbors children to come for a birthday tea so Emma was very excited. 

Grandpa was spending lots of time in his workshop where she was not allowed. Intrigued by all that was going on she stood on a pile of bricks to peer in through the workshop window. All she could see was Grandpa bending over his workbench in a mist of flying sawdust.

On the afternoon before her tea party dad was blowing up balloons and mum was icing the cake when a loud knock sounded at the front door and mum called out.

“Emma, please will you answer that.”  

The postman was standing with a large parcel in his hands.

“Are you Emma?” he asked.

“Yes, I am,” she replied feeling very important. 

“Then this is for you Emma,” said the postman handing over a big parcel to her.

Her face flushed with excitement as she ran inside yelling,

“Mum, Dad, Grandpa, look what the postman has brought me,” and the family gathered around all curious to see what was in the parcel. Her eyes were shining as she sat on the floor and began to rip away the paper.

“OOHH Grandpa what can it be?”

“Perhaps you should look first,” he smiled helping her to prise off the lid on the box. A birthday card lay on the top which read.  

Happy Birthday Emma. Make a wish.

Her face dropped as she saw that the box contained only a packet of sawdust, a bottle of water and an empty tin with a label stuck on it. Mum helped Emma to read the words.  




It was hard for Emma to fall asleep that night. She was thinking of her wish. Mum and Dad had told her she must keep it a secret. It was something she had dreamed of having for a long time.

The following morning she slept late and ran downstairs to find the tin by the window. She didn't see Mum, Dad and Grandpa peeping around the kitchen door.  

The tin was gone but in it's place stood a beautiful rocking horse. She squealed with delight as she climbed onto her horse and began to rock backwards and forwards. This was what she had always wished for. Her dream had come true and it had to be the best birthday ever. Throwing her arms around the horses neck she decided she was going to call him PONY.  

Mum, Dad and Grandpa smiled as they watched Emma. They all knew that magic sawdust comes from toys made with love.

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