Small Wood Projects

Wooden toys are fun to make small wood projects. Here are a few simple woodworking plans you can download.

These projects can be made by a beginner with a few woodworking tools, but you may need an entry level scroll saw for some of the other projects.

Display easel plans

A useful small wood project that also makes a great gift. 

Download the full size templates. The step by step instructions make it an ideal beginner woodworking project.

This display easel measures about 300mm (12 inches) high and 230mm (9 inches) wide.

Here is a perfectly simple and easy woodworking project you can make in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee – if you are really slow at making coffee, that is.

A great project for someone who is new to woodworking, looking to practice their skills and wants to make something interesting and useful.

woodworking Tools for simple wood projects

This easy wood project can be made with very basic tools:  

Please note that clicking on the link will take you where you can shop for these tools. In the interests of disclosure, I do earn a small commission if you happen to buy something.

Broadly speaking, there are three types of tools that you will need: cutting, making holes and measuring.

These are some of the tools I use.

Cutting Tools.

An entry level scroll saw is a good place to start. On a tight budget, you could start with a fret saw.

Don't do what I did, I bought a cheap one, and not happy with it. This applies to saw blades for both types.

A tenon saw, also known as a back saw, an essential item for making fine cuts.

A hand saw is more readily available from building suppliers, and not very expensive either. Advances in technology make these saws much sharper and longer lasting.

Drilling Tools.

A cordless drill also useful for driving screws.

A drill press for drilling holes accurately.

Measuring Tools.

A combination square, I use mine all the time. 

A sliding bevel, another useful measuring tool for transferring angles.

More small wood projects

Desktop Rocking Horse Plans

Fredoll rocking horse plans based on the full size version of rocking horse Andy.

It was made from 6mm MDF which I used to make the templates.

And now for something completely different... a pink rocking horse in the shape of a Vespa scooter.

This icon from the sixties is the latest trend in must have executive toys.

Pull toy Duck plans

Download print ready PDF full size template to build this pull along toy duck. Made from 19mm thick pine, the wheels are cut from 32mm diameter curtain rod dowel. Axles are 6mm dowel. Make one or a dozen, just for the fun of it.

Soma Cube Puzzle

Here is a really simple woodworking project you can make as a gift or to sell at the markets.

This one is made from 19mm square maple.

Find out more and download the plans for this Soma cube puzzle.

Recycle Scrap Wood 

What better way to recycle (or upcycle) scrap wood by making wooden toys for sale at markets or simply give away to family and friends.

You can use bits of wood left over from other projects in your own workshop, or you could collect scraps from building sites or even use firewood.

Have a look around industrial sites. Often you will find wooden pallets, but remember to ask first.

Showcase your latest small wood project.

Take a few photos of your project and upload it here.

Share your story about how you made it.

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