Wood Toy Truck Plans

Use these wood toy truck plans to make something with pride and joy because handmade wooden toys are always appreciated so much more than a mass produced product. 

Wooden toy trucks are a perennial favorite among children of all ages.

Any truck made from these plans will be unique and treasured for generations to come. It will be time well spent, and your greatest reward will be their everlasting appreciation.

Regardless of the advances in technology, there will always be a special place in the hearts of children for handmade wooden toys.

This is one of the reasons why making wooden toys is such a popular pastime.

Wood Toy Truck Plans

Construction Grade Dump Truck Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF

Get a load of the next big toy! Whether it is gravel, sand, dirt or debris, this table top truck is built to haul it. The tailgate swings open when the dump box is lifted. A support underneath allows the box to be held in the dump position. This is the most recent in the series of nine Construction Grade fleet of models.

Price: $4.95

Earth Moving Dump Truck Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF

Modeled after the earthmoving monsters that roam large building sites, this sturdy toy truck makes moving lots of sand childs play for young construction hands. We built our dump truck from 1/2 inch thick pine, laminating material for the thicker parts. You can resaw and plane pine boards from the lumberyard or home center for the needed stock. A 1×8 and a 1×6, each 6 feet long, will provide more than enough material for one dump truck.

Price: $3.50

Early Model Pick Up Downloadable Scrollsaw Pattern PDF

A popular pickup truck modeled from vehicles on the 1920s and 1930s era. Enclosed cabin, big fenders and a bumper bar were common features. We designed our model to be built in 4 easy stages resulting in a sturdy toy. An ideal scrap wood project!

Price: $5.00

Classic Tractor Trailer Downloadable Scrollsaw Pattern PDF

The greatest time for heavy truck movers was during the 1930s. Big fenders. Big headlights. Big engines. Our model is a classic design from this era. The plan is divided into three groups, cabin, chassis and motor. 

Price: $11.00

English 3 ton Lorry Downloadable Scrollsaw Pattern PDF

The freight truck was designed in the 1960s in England and was successfully sold and used throughout the world. We designed our model to be built in 5 easy stages.

Price: $7.00

Giant Tow Truck Woodworking Plan

Children are sure to love our new tow truck with a working crank and tow hook! Build it from 3/4 inch pine. All patterns drawn FULL size.

Price: $14.99

Farm Truck Woodworking Plan

Wood toy truck plans for a collectors edition farm truck, designed by professional toymaker Steve Baldwin of Omaha, Nebraska, this hardworking little truck pleases children and adults alike. And thanks to the full-size patterns for many of the parts, it goes together faster than you might imagine. Go ahead, order these wood toy truck plans and give it a try.

Price: $8.95

Construction-Grade Tractor Trailers Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF 

You can almost smell the diesel as these big rigs muscle their loads to the job site. Here we present these wooden toy truck plans for a tractor, followed by two trailers: a side-dump, as well as a lowboy for transporting equipment.

Price: $4.95

wood toy truck plansGiant Logging Truck

Giant Logging Truck Woodworking Plan 

The kind of truck you wished you had when you played with Lincoln Logs. You can still buy Lincoln Logs at toy stores, but you will have to make the truck yourself. All patterns in these wooden toy truck plans are drawn FULL SIZE.

Price: $14.99

wood toy truck plansMighty Freighters Trucks Woodworking Plan

Mighty Freighters Trucks Woodworking Plan 

These heavy duty beauties are very easy to make from 3/4 inch thick lumber. Use our special 2 inch treaded wood wheels available in our kit 19-7309, sold separately. All easy, straight cuts. These toy trucks range from about 11 to 18 inches long.

Price: $9.99

Did you know that in the United Kingdom and Ireland a truck is also known as a lorry? The name probably derives from a horse drawn low loading trolley from days gone by. Red lorry, yellow lorry - how fast can you say that over and over again? 

Brand new hot off the press just in time for Christmas. This unique winch operated toy dump truck, easy to build with basic hand tools and stock timber.

More Toy Truck Plans

Free wood toy truck plans print ready PDF complete with step by step instructions.

Simple rugged construction anyone can make.

Free wooden toy truck patterns for toy dump truck Mk1 which measures almost 18 inches long and a bit more than 6 inches wide. Made from half inch stock, it is light but sturdy. Features full size patterns and step by step instructions with photos.

Price Free 

Toy dump truck plan Mk2 is about the same size, measuring about 235mm [9.3 in.] long, 145mm [5.75 in.] high and 115mm [4.5 in. ] wide.

Price: Free

Toy tipper truck plan Mk3 measures 250mm [10 in.] long by 115mm [4.5 in.] high and 90mm [3.5 in.] wide.

Price: Free

Wooden toy truck plans Mk4.

Don't be fooled by it's diminutive size. This super micro truck can certainly hold it's own. For starters, it can get to places where other trucks fear to go. 

Price: Free

Tremendous Toy Trucks : With Step-by-Step Instructions and Plans for 12 Trucks by Les Neufeld

Functional and realistic without being fussy, these toy trucks boast wheels that roll, buckets that lift, and winches that pull.

Visit the woodworking projects gallery to view projects from people all around the world.

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