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Wooden Toy Plans, Issue #010 -- Jeep Pedal Car Plans
October 11, 2017
Dear Fellow Woodworkers

Vintage Jeep Pedal Car Plans.

From the 1948 edition of Popular Mechanics, the original plans used an automobile starter motor and a war surplus hydraulic transmission.

This is a project on my wish list – in fact I happen to have two electric motors salvaged from a pair of kids scooters. I was thinking I could use one on each wheel. It would have the advantage of not needing a differential drive, and more power, until I realised that one of the motors would have to be running backwards.

There is a fair amount of metalwork in this example, so I would replace the chassis with a timber frame.

For the hydraulic transmission, I would salvage one from a ride-on mower.

Jeep pedal car plans

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Making a Wooden Smoothing Plane

This is a photo of my home made wooden smoothing