Barbie Dollhouse Plans

Use these Barbie dollhouse plans to make a special gift that will last many generations.

Children have been playing with doll houses for the past 200 years. Most were made of wood, but by 1900, toy makers began making houses for dolls from paper. Children could also build their own with building blocks such as a set of the Happi Time miniature rubber bricks. 

Most of the doll house and furniture plans that are available online are miniatures and would not stand up to the rough play of 7 to 8 year old children. Building miniature houses is a hobby for adults. They spend many happy hours making the most detailed miniatures that are too delicate for children to play with. 


There is much confusion regarding the scale of dollhouse plans. Kid friendly doll houses are often referred to as play scale, also called half scale because it refers to the ratio of 1/6 which means 1 foot in real life equals 6 inches. This is a more than a little confusing, to be accurate it should read 1/2.  

Playscale dolls and action figures are mostly around 11 1/2 to 12 inches tall, which presents a particular challenge to the designers and builders of fashion doll houses: size.

To design and build a playscale dollhouse with two stories and an attic and it measures around 4 feet high, 5 feet wide and 8 inches deep. This takes up a fair amount of space, not to mention the weight. When compared to the diminutive protagonist, it does seem a little over the top. 


Building doll houses for play can be made from almost anything, but if you want it to last, wood is the best material. Foam core can be cut with a sharp utility knife and steel ruler and assembled with hot melt glue. Interior decorations should be added before final construction.

Investing a bit of time and effort pays dividends with a doll house that will give hours of fun and memories that last a lifetime. It can even be a family project - involve your daughter in the planning stage, or keep it a big secret and a guessing game with clues and hints as to what is about to happen.

Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles have great pleasure/enjoyment and satisfaction making doll houses. It doesn't have to be only a little girl that plays with a dolls house. Little boys also need places to park their cars and construction toys. You wouldn't call them a dolls house, perhaps playsets is a better term.

Medieval castles and forts, firestations, service stations, farmyard barns and even log cabins are a favourite amongst boys. The list is as long as your imagination. Recycle a bookcase with a few modifications a bit of paint, and it becomes whatever you want it to be.

It would be a good idea to design and build a dolls house to be multipurpose, for example, a storage drawer as a basement or bookshelves.

Barbie Dollhouse Plans

The cost of plans to build a house for fashion dolls is very reasonable if you take into consideration the amount of time and skill it takes to build the project.

victorian barbie dollhouse plan

Barbie dollhouse plans are not very common to begin with, and a Victorian style Barbie dollhouse plan is RARE. 

Follow this link Victorian style Barbie Doll House Plans to go to the download page at 

Two room barbie dollhouse plan

Two Room Barbie Dollhouse Plan

In this Barbie dollhouse plan are the following details to build; a two room house with a deluxe fireplace with logs and andirons, shutters and planter boxes by the windows and a 13 piece furniture set. A beautiful wall mounted Regulator clock is scaled from full size design. You could even fit a small clock movement on the face. The patterns for the furniture and many of the house designs are... read more

Price: $13.90

San Francisco Dollhouse Plan

R14-3060 - San Francisco Dollhouse Vintage Woodworking Plan

This ornate, nineteenth century doll house design recaptures the charm of the old-fashioned San Francisco homes. Its eight rooms are generous in size, so there will be room for lots of miniature furnishings. The sides open wide and the roof tilts up to allow access to the attic. This is a vintage woodworking plan.

Price: $9.95

deluxe barbie dollhouse plans

Deluxe Barbie Dollhouse Plan 

A deluxe house for a 12 inch fashion dolls and it folds closed for carrying and easy storage. Victorian styling adorns the front facade. 

This Barbie dollhouse plan features directions for planters boxes, dormer windows and a cat in the window. 

Full size plans for furniture for all the rooms including a trunk, rocking horse, cradle and tiny dollhouse in the attic. Read more...

Fashion Doll Furniture Plans

Fashion doll furniture plans for sale.

Price AU$30.00 including postage. 

Rocking Horse for Dolls

Why not make something a little extra as a surprise to put inside the dolls house?

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