Construction vehicle toys

Another free plan in the construction vehicle toys series. This is a slightly larger version of the toy road grader. 

Method of construction is very similar to the smaller version. The only real difference is the size of the component parts.

The wheels are 70mm in diameter compared to 50mm. It is longer by about 95mm, and taller as well as being a little wider.

Download Construction vehicle toys

Download the free construction vehicle toys woodworking project plans.

The print ready PDF file contains the everything you need  including step by step building instructions to make this construction vehicle toy.

Plans for sale

Download these PDF files to build eathmoving toys from the Editors of WOOD Magazine.

Construction Grade Skid Loader Woodworking Plan

Construction yards, farms, snow clearing, landscaping contractors... they all have a skid steer loader. Probably one of the most versatile machines built.

Price: PDF Version - $7.95

Construction Grade Scraper Woodworking Plan

In real life, these massive machines shake the ground we walk on. The earth will also shake from the jumping of joy that the recipient will do when they receive one as a gift.

Price: PDF Version - $7.95

Construction-Grade Excavator Downloadable Woodworking Plan

Engine rated at 1 kidpower, continuous duty! Put this toy and a pile of marbles or Legos in front of children and watch them while away the time scooping and moving them.

Price: PDF Version - $4.95

Contractor Grade Mobile Crane Downloadable Woodworking Plan

Hand-operated hoists raise and lower the boom and bucket. The tower assembly pivots smoothly on a ball-bearing lazy Susan to easily pick up and place loads. A wide-track chassis featuring eight sets of dual wheels provides sure-footed mobility.

Price: PDF Version - $7.95

Bulldozer Downloadable Woodworking Plan

For simply pushing blocks around a playroom, or gathering compliments about your woodworking, this dozer gets the job done. As it lumbers across the job site, its operator can lift and lower the blade just like on the real thing.

Price: PDF Version - $7.95

Steam Shovel Blueprints

Sandbox construction crews will find plenty of on-site jobs for this heavy-duty equipment replica. With its workable boom and bucket assembly, this model works just like the real McCoy. Your little foreman can actually dig, hoist and dump mini-mountains of sand all afternoon, and love every minute of it.

Price: $19.95


For information on food safe finishes and dyes, visit includes links to international suppliers.

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