Toys Made of Wood

Children will always love to play with toys made of wood. Well designed and well made wooden toys stimulates kids imagination and creativity, and their appeal lasts much longer than mass produced plastic toys.

Besides, the true value of a toy has to be the love that goes into making it. The toymaker gets much joy and satisfaction out of designing and making toys for kids. Making wooden toy cars and construction vehicle toys for kids is great fun, perhaps even more fun than the kids themselves would have playing with them. 

Better than buying a toy from a store, this is one that you have made yourself, perhaps even designed yourself. 

One of the reasons I make toys as a hobby is because, like many other woodworkers, space is limited.

Perhaps I should have taken up wood carving, but making toys made of wood for children of all ages is so much more fun.

How to make wooden toys

What got me inspired was Richard Wakefield's excellent book How To Make Animated Toys.

In the beginning I was using mainly hand tools, and as I progressed, I "upgraded" to a bandsaw.

Construction Vehicle Toys

This book on making wood construction toys may be more suitable for the experienced woodworker. It has detailed plans and photos, but is a bit light on step by step assembly instructions. Published in 1987, the plans are well drawn. 

Bulldozers, dump trucks, loaders, and forklifts, each with a variety of moving parts: all these toy vehicles are included for the making, with plenty of diagrams, very detailed instructions that proceed logically and clearly from part to part, and images of the final product. Try a box trailer with a semi-cab, doors, axles, wheels (with simulated tread, if you like), and mud flaps. They’re fun to craft and fun to receive.

Woodworkers with a passion for making toys will love making construction vehicle toys for kids. These eight wooden construction toys make the perfect "made with love" gifts for children aged five and older.

They show a bit more detail than many toys made for younger children. Oversized and exaggerated parts are easy for little hands to manipulate. A set of these toys would make great conversation pieces in your home. The book features complete assembly drawings for each of the eight toy projects, parts lists and full size cutting templates. There is a list of recommended shop tools, but as an experienced woodworker, you can always make jigs and templates to duplicate the functions of machines you don't have access to. 

Realistic models of construction vehicles you can make.

Making small-scale wooden models of large earth-moving construction vehicles can be done easily using the patterns and common shop tools described in these pages.

Eight models featuring movable parts are presented and explained: loader, dozer, dozer loader, excavator, grader, skidder, grapple skidder, and backhoe. Complete assembly drawings for each of the eight toys make these projects simple and fun for adults to create. Drawings show the entire process, from building the wheelbase to adding the buckets. Full-size cutting templates can be used to make the projects exactly as they are shown or altered to create new vehicles. A parts list makes it easy for the hobbyist to gather all the materials needed for construction and assembly.

Making Wood Trucks and Construction Vehicles By Reg Martin.

Cement mixers that turn, steam shovels that work, bulldozers that blast -- make a brawny 31-vehicle fleet. Easy-to-follow exploded diagrams and simple instructions for each vehicle, plus color photos.

More Toys Made of Wood

Free wooden toy plans for toys made of wood.

Wooden toy trains project plans and books.

Toy Safety. It is in the interests of all hobby toy makers to ensure that they are complying with toy safety regulations and standards.

Wooden toy wheels. It's always a challenge to find a supplier for good quality toy wheels for wooden toy cars.


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