wood toy plans

Wood toy plans for easy to make woodcraft projects for people who like to make things.

This is a collection of free plans that I designed to use readily available project timber that is ready to use.

Make toys for girls

Wish it was easier to design toys for girls. Fortunately some toys are not gender specific, such as rocking horses.

Make a space saving dolls house that will store away.

Make your own doll house furniture.

Doll cradle plans.

Doll size rocking horses.

Make a fairy tale doll carriage.

Making toys for boys

Much easier to design toys for boys.

Construction toys for making roads and highways, earth moving equipment.

Toy trucks of all sizes

A toy train project. This one has a secret compartment.

Wooden toy cars you can make including the famous batmobile.

Toy car garage with a winch operated lift.

An unbreakable wooden toy motorbike.

A chunky wooden toy biplane you can make.

Wood toy plans for everyone

Rocking horses are always popular.

Traditional rolling toy.

Toy walker designed and made by Mark Joines from Australia.

Tools for making wooden toys.

This is by now means a comprehensive guide to the kind of tools you would need.

The thing about woodworking as a hobby is the fun you can have using all sorts of power tools and machines which is fine if you have that kind  of home workshop and a budget to go with it.

One of the reasons for to designing and making wooden toys is that it can be done with very few power tools. All you really need is something to make holes and cut curves and straight lines.

Making holes

For making holes I use and electric drill mounted in a drill guide. A drill press would be more accurate for drilling holes for wheels and for mounting a drum sander amongst other things.

Cutting curves

To cut curves, I have an entry level scroll saw. A band saw is more powerful and versatile in that it can also cut straight lines. If you are going to buy one, go for the most expensive you can afford, it will be well worth it.


A 12 inch disk sander is another power tool that I find very useful for sanding end grain and also making large diameter wheels.

One tool that I would really like to have for sanding is known as a linisher. Not a woodworking tool, strictly speaking, one that is used by our metal working cousins. The best description I can think of is that it is essentially a narrow belt sander.

The reason I would like to have one is because it is useful for rounding over sharp edges and inside curves.


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