Jeep pedal car plans

These Jeep pedal car plans featured in the January 1948 edition of Popular Mechanics. At the time you could make one for less than $50 using second hand parts.

There is a fair amount of woodwork and metalwork that goes into the making of a project like this. Nothing beyond the determined handyman, but you could always ask a friend to make certain parts that may be beyond your skills, or if you simply don’t have the equipment for.

Electric motor

This toy car is powered by a starter motor and using a war surplus hydraulic transmission. 

This is a project on my wish list. If I was to make one, I would use at least one if not two electric scooter motors on each of the rear wheels. 

It just so happens that I managed to salvage not one but two from the local dump – they both work perfectly. They were part of a pair of Razor branded electric scooters made for kids.

Rated at 200kw and 2500 RPM unloaded they can be purchased from eBay for around $45. Suitable for people up to 70kg, speeds up to 15km/hr. If I could figure out how to power each rear wheel, it would be strong enough for me. Besides, the fact that they are independently powered may help with the differential effect.

Steering Mechanism

The steering mechanism uses a worm gear, which is great if you happen to have something like that. As it happens, I have a shaft and gear head from a whipper snipper, thought that might work.

The steering wheel was made from 10 inch tricycle wheel with the spokes removed, and a 3/16 x 1 inch flat iron welded to the rim. 

Download jeep pedal car plans

Download vintage jeep pedal car plans, which includes detailed sketches and construction notes.

More plans from vintage magazines includes a Jeep for a young GI and a Jeep for junior.

why free plans

Most of the time, when something is offered for free, there is usually a catch. They invariably seem to want something in return.

Fortunately not in this situation.

I like free stuff as much as anybody, so these plans I have made are free to download. You can share them with your friends as long as you do not make any changes to the plans themselves.

But don't worry, that does not mean you have to make the toys exactly to plan.

You can also make as many toys as you want, any way you want to, and give them away or even sell them.  

In order to help pay for the cost of running this site, I do earn a small commission from helping other to sell their products. 

Making a donation would help me to be able to spend more time on designing and publishing more wooden toy plans.

Your contribution would be greatly appreciated, not only by me, but also by fellow woodworkers and makers of wooden toys.

Thanking you in anticipation, 

Tony Slattery.

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