Pedal Car Plans

DIY Project Pedal Car Plans

Amazing pedal car plans you can build. Surprise that someone special by building them a custom toy car. It does not really matter how old they are because everyone loves surprises. Imagine the look on their faces when you present them with your beautifully crafted custom toy car

Father and Son Project

A pedal car project makes a great father and son project, or grandfather and grandson project. They are having so much fun, soon the whole family wants to become involved. What better way to learn how to make things.

It is so much more fun when you invest some time and effort into a project like this, a way of spending quality time together and making memories that will last forever.

Sure, it is easy to just go and buy one, but it means so much more to a child if someone close to them actually made it. There is nothing to compare the sense of accomplishment of making something unique that will be treasured forever. Unique designs that look like cartoon airplanes. 

Pedal Car Plans

Three fine examples of the pedal car plans you can buy from Stevenson Projects

Police Car DIY Pedal Police Car Project 

From US $15.21 (Plus Flat Shipping Fee of $3.99)

Build this pedal car and make that child very happy! Finished project has working steering mechanism, smooth pedal power and realistic paint scheme. 42 in. long by 24 in. wide

Fire Truck DIY Pedal Car Project

From US $15.21 (Plus Flat Shipping Fee of $3.99)

Designed with four- to seven-year-old firefighters in mind. Working steering mechanism, smooth pedal power. 48 in. long by 24 in. wide. Includes plan only.

From Cherry Tree Toys.

The full size Fire Truck Pedal Car Plan is designed to fit on top of the our Fire Truck Chassis Kit.

The plan gives you full sized drawings, photos and instructions to guide you through building the Fire Truck Pedal Car.

Pedal Car Kits

Another kit to build a pedal car, this one in the style of a 1955 Chevy.


Also from From Speedway Motors.

Retro Tri-Five 1955 Chevy Steel Metal Pedal Car, Customizable.

42" Overall Length, 17" Overall Width, 16" Overall Height.

Comes in primer which is ready to scuff and paint your custom color scheme.

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Large 3/4 Scale Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Twin Seat Mini Hot rod Car made with fibreglass.

 For sale on eBay: shell body only.

Wouldn't it be fun to build a motorized version.

Even though this page is supposed to be about pedal cars, I am always open to ideas about motorized buggies.

Here is an example from Buggies Built For Fun.

According to the description, it is powered by two 750 watt electric motors, one on each of the rear wheels.

The plans are free, but only if you buy something, which of course means they are not free at all. How sad. Especially when you consider the fact that the design has not been tested.

This example of a pedal car stroller made by 29 sedanman on the Jalopy Journal forum

More Pedal Car Plans

Vintage project plans so far there are three plans prepared for download.

Including the sidewalk play car, a half scale replica of a 1901 touring car and a kid size  replica of the open roadster from the early years of motoring.

Lots of vintage Jeep pedal car plans you can build.

Pedal Airplane Plans

Can it get any cuter than this? How to build your very own pedal airplane. 

Vintage Pedal Car Restoration

Speedway Motors offers parts for vintage pedal car restorations.

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Find pedal cars for sale on eBay. Includes vintage pedal car parts, pre-owned and brand new.

Forum for racing pedal cars.

Two DIY pedal car plans, The Speeder and The Zephyr for kids, also from American Speedster. There are also hardware kits available.