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Rocking horse Rosie Question 
Hi. I'm a new woodworker and Rosie is going to be a first birthday gift for my grandson and my first project. On the rocker diagram on the cut list …

Rocking Horse Oscar 
I have cut out the pieces for the rocking horse, I would like to know what size bit to use to cut out the mane holes on the head, how deep and how far …

Rocking Horse Oscar 
Hi I am building the Oscar rocking horse. This is the 1st time I am building a rocking horse.. I got a question regarding Step 5 - Making the legs …

Rocking Horse Rosie 
I'm making Rosie the rocking horse as a first Christmas gift for my baby. I cut everything out today and glues and clamped the head. Where do the wedges …

Rocking horse oscar

A short video showing how the wedges are attached to the top of the legs.