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make wood toys

This is what I made. I hope you like it.

Making wooden toys is for people like me, who like to make things but don't have the budget or the kind of workshop to make *normal* woodworking projects.

Here you find plans (mostly free) to make something for someone special.

They will treasure it for all time, because it was made by hand by you, because the real value of anything is the time and care you put into it.

It may be worth noting that all of the free plans featured on this page are designed to be made with project timber, and with simple tools such as an electric drill, jigsaw or a scroll saw. A band saw or a scroll saw could be useful if you have one, but not absolutely necessary.

To make the rocking horses, I use a router mounted in a home made router table.

So here goes - starting with the all-time favorite...

Rocking Horse Plans

Have you ever wanted to make a rocking horse? Carving one from solid wood was a little daunting for me, so I thought long and hard about how to make it easier and far more simple to suit both my budget and need for speed.

Wooden Toy plans

Most of these toys can be made from scrap wood left over from other projects.

Construction vehicle toys are always popular. More toy truck plans than you could shake a stick at. Plans to make a racing car to satisfy your need for speed.

Easy to build wooden toy motorcycle, only two moving parts.

Toys for girls

Making toys for girls - doll furniture plans dolls housedolls cradle, and a selection of doll rocking horses.

Take a tour of the country estate in your touring car.  Build a three story toy garage for your collection of cars.  Show your friends how you beat the Red Baron with an aerobatic toy biplane

Relive the romance of steam from a bygone era with these wooden toy train plans.

Wooden Puzzle Plans

Do you have a scroll saw? Wooden puzzles are easy to make, great for gifts at Christmas time and for birthdays.

Fortunately you only need a tenon saw (aka backsaw) and a mitre box to make the Soma Cube Puzzle.

Woodwork Project Plans

To make all these toys, I built my own workbench.

Spice rack plans for the kitchen. Happy wife, happy life.

An artist easel to display your artwork. Is there a painter in the house?

Decided I needed a pair of saw-horses. Sure you can buy them because they are cheap or you can make one because it's fun. Made two then one more.

After you have made all these things, it's time to relax and have a good massage. Better still, make your own teardrop camper trailer and get away from it all.

I can make that USING COMMON TOOLS

No need for expensive woodworking machinery. All of the free project plans from wooden-toy-plans.com are designed to use hand tools or portable power tools.

All of the plans mentioned above are free, gratis and for nothing. Why, you may ask. I shall endeavour to explain later, but for now, enjoy making the projects based on these free plans.

Visit the woodworking projects gallery page to see what others have made, and you can too.

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