Scrap Wood Projects

Free printer ready PDF scrap wood projects plans to build this charming toy motorcycle that will not break.

Some examples of the free plans on offer were made from scrap MDF left over from making templates for other projects.

Peter Crowe from Australia made a matching pair for his two grandsons.

Tassie Oak for the sides, Recycled telegraph poles [eucalyptus] for the body, and Merbau for the wheels using a profiled wheel cutter.

It took him about 4 hours, including the first coat of clear lacquer.

Recycle Scrap Wood 

What better way to recycle (or upcycle) scrap wood by making wooden toys for sale at markets or simply give away to family and friends.

You can use bits of wood left over from other projects in your own workshop, or you could collect scraps from building sites or even use firewood.

Have a look around industrial sites. Often you will find wooden pallets, but remember to ask first.

Tools for making things from scrap wood.

The good news is that you may already have all the tools you need for any of the recycled wood projects shown here.

Everybody has a power drill, and even if you do not have a jigsaw, they are not very expensive to buy.

And that's about it... you don't really need any more than that.

However... (there is always a but, isn't there.)

Working with wood, and even more so with making wooden toys, is a lot of fun and can become quite addictive.

It won't take you too long to realize that you just have to have that new shiny tool. Especially if you go to woodworking shows.

Some people who are more serious about woodworking may have a band saw. A scroll saw is popular amongst toymakers too.

Free Scrap Wood Projects

Download print ready PDF full size template to build this pull along toy duck. Made from 19mm thick pine, the wheels are cut from 32mm diameter curtain rod dowel. Axles are 6mm dowel. Make one or a dozen, just for the fun of it.

Fredoll rocking horse plans based on the full size version of rocking horse Andy.

It was made from 6mm MDF which I used to make the templates.

And now for something completely different... a pink rocking horse in the shape of a Vespa scooter.

This icon from the sixties is the latest trend in must have executive toys.

Showcase your latest scrap wood project.

Have you made something out of scrap wood? Share it with the rest of the world.

Take a few photos of your project and upload it here.

Visit the woodworking projects gallery to view projects from people all around the world.

Visit Lumberjocks for more ideas on frugal woodworking.


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