Woodworking Project Plans

A few woodworking project plans that can be made by the average handy person with a few hand tools. These are some of the projects I have made over the years, plus a few more woodworking project ideas.

Home Improvement Projects

Make a tall bookshelf with these wooden bookshelf plans.

I have made a few of these over the years. Here I am using melamine coated shelving boards.

This bookshelf design can be adapted to almost any size you want.

Furniture Woodworking Plans

How to make Mission Furniture with these chair woodworking plans. Includes sketches with dimensions, list of parts and a choice between metric and the original chair design in inches.

The metric version of these woodworking project plans is optimised for standard timber sizes.

This Morris chair features an adjustable backrest.

A collection of furniture making Sketchup models mostly glass top coffee tables.

Outdoor Furniture Plans

 Use these deck bench plans for an attractive addition to your collection of patio furniture.

An easy weekend woodworking project you can make.

The deck bench plans include a materials list and step by step instructions with an exploded view to show how the parts fit together.

Workshop Project Plans

Everyone needs a sturdy workbench. This is my workbench that I designed and made, and you can download the free workbench plans.

The frame is laminated with stock timber, no machinery needed. Easy mortise and tenon joints even a beginner can make.

I made a very basic router table  to fit into a Black & Decker Workmate.

With a little modification, it can also become a worktop wood router.

Looking for ideas for making sawhorse plans. This is a light duty folding sawhorse that would also make an elegant trestle table support.

This is often the first woodworking project made by beginners.

mobile tool baseMobile workbench

In my small workshop, I need to move heavy things around to create enough space to work in. So I made a mobile tool base for my workbench.

The photo shows the workbench upside down in an attempt to make it clear. Thinking it may be even more confusing.

Gift Projects

Gift projects for the home, useful items you can make for friends and family. So far I have plans for the following:

  1. A guard dog door stop you can make with a scroll saw,  
  2. A matching pair of bookends, also a scroll saw project.
  3. A set of tea light candle holders, three in a row, a scrap wood project.
  4. A decoupage container I made with 6mm Medium Density Fiberboard.
  5. A desktop display easel I made with parts from a broken outdoor wooden umbrella.
  6. A floor standing display easel to show off your paintings.
  7. A spice rack, ideal gift project for kitchen storage.
  8. A few doll size rocking horse scroll saw projects I made based on the full size rocking horse project plans.

How to make a spice rack for all seasons. An easy woodworking gift project that will prove to be very useful in the kitchen. 

Made with project wood, a jigsaw and an electric drill.

Read more about how you can make this woodworking gift project.

Make a pair of bookends. These plans are free to download. Easy scroll saw project, or use a jigsaw or a band saw if you have one.

Great gift for the home. Something to sell at craft markets.

Read more about easy woodworking projects.

Make this artist easel with these free artist easel plans.

A lightweight design that can be made by anyone with handyman skills. It can also be used as a display easel. 

I made this one from project timber using a hand saw and an electric drill.

The free plans include a cutting diagram and building guide.

Free display easel plans made from a few bits of scrap wood, a great gift project, handy for displaying frames photographs.

I made this wastepaper bin as a decoupage item using 6mm MDF. It was easy to make using a few hand tools.

Download the free woodcraft plans include step by step instructions with photos and diagrams.

Pull toy dog

Pull toy dog on a bone small woodworking project you can make with a scroll saw.

Massage Table Plans

Easy to make DIY folding massage table from these free woodworking project plans.

I made with project timber using basic tools, including a staple gun for the upholstery.

Scroll Saw Woodworking

Toys and puzzles you can make with scrap or recycled wood.

A few free printable Christmas scroll saw patterns.

Have fun making Scroll saw puzzle patterns

Desktop rocking horse. A doll size version of my design Andy rocking horse.

Desktop motorcycle rocking horse. Another doll size rocking horse, this one in the style of a Vespa scooter.

Want something with wheels? Robust wooden toy motorbike plans includes a 4 wheel version.

Something you can make with a scroll saw using scrap wood.

Batman rides again. Another motorcycle scroll saw pattern.

Burr Puzzles

Make the seven pieces of the Soma cube puzzle with a hand saw and a mitre box.

Drive yourself and your friends crazy trying to form the original cube, or you can check one of the many  Soma cube solutions.

Make a 3 piece burr puzzle using similar technique to the Soma cube puzzle.

Playhouse plans

If you ever wanted to build a kids playhouse, why not a crooked house? I have made a set of basic dimensions using the SketchUp program.

I made one using cardboard, and to my surprise, it folds flat if you take the roof off. Great for storage.

Follow this link to read more about free wooden playhouse plans.

Vintage Woodworking Project Plans

House Boat PlansVintage Houseboat Plans

The 24ft PM houseboat first published in Popular Mechanics December 1959.

More houseboat plans.

Woodworking Project Ideas

DIY Electric Scooter

I had this crazy idea of turning a furniture trolley into a 3-wheel scooter. It does work, but it would work better if I had two 12 volt batteries and a more powerful electric motor.

Read more about my DIY electric scooter.

My adventures in 3D modelling with Sketchup. Some of these projects I have made, some are projects I would like to make, and some are simply 3D models I made to improve my skills in 3D modelling. At the time of writing, there are 41 models in the collection.

A large Soma Cube puzzle. Each cube is 600mm in size, so the complete puzzle is 1.8m tall. Modelled as an open frame.

DIY Garden Projects

Strawberry PlanterStrawberry Planter

How to make a strawberry planter. Save space and grow delicious strawberries.

The secret for this woodworking project is in the half lap joints.

A perfect project for Sketchup, I thought. I could stack the planks in position and use the intersect faces function to create a paper template.

Pyramid planter partsParts Layout.

Each part is colour coded for easier identification.

Pyramid Planter Close-upClose Up Detail

Typical detail showing the position of the notches in each plank.

If I had a table saw, I would make a jig to do the cuts. It would be quite a challenge to do it with a hand saw, although I would attempt a different sort of jig to clamp to the work piece.

I also have a strong suspicion that it would be a case of left and right hand cuts for the notches.

Pyramid planter templatePaper Template

Showing a paper template that I would use to mark out the notches.

SketchUp doesn’t measure angle unless I load a script, anyway I find it easier to measure angles in terms of triangles.

I use a builders square, measure 100mm on one side, and the other side is what determines the slope. Using a sliding bevel to transfer the angle to the work piece.

Follow this link to obtain a free print ready PDF copy of this DIY garden project.

A Wooden Beer Mug

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