Carter's Walker, Jeep/Star Wars themed

by Marshall Townsend
(Winter Springs, Florida, USA)

Grandson with his Christmas present

Grandson with his Christmas present

This is the walker I created for my grandson.

The 5 Baltic plywood arms move up and down in a random order. It has 3 Jeeps. Padauk, Canarywood and Cocobolo. The 2 Star Wars At-Ats are Katalox. A bit over the top, I know. ;-))

The wheels are burnt Bamboo with weather strip tread and the sides are Bamboo. Uprights are Deeply colored Canarywood. The front crossmember/tone bar is Walnut. It has a Purpleheart storage area.

It sounds great when he is movin and a groovin across the tile floors throughout his parental unit's house.

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Feb 19, 2022
Try this link for more toddler walker plans
by: Tony

Something went wrong with my attempt to make the link in the previous comment.

Hope this one works:

Another toddler walker made by Mark Joinestoddler walker made by Mark Joines, made in the shape of a frog.

Feb 19, 2022
More toddler walker plans
by: Tony

Hi Marshall, Thanks for taking the time to write the description.

I have included a link for the YouTube video and the dimensions from the Rotifall walker page.

You may also be interested in
toddler walker made by Mark Joines, made in the shape of a frog.

Feb 15, 2022
Walker Plans
by: Marshall

The dimensions I used came from images on the web for commercially available walkers with dimensions on the picture. I could not insert links here, but the search criteria should get you there.

One image on Google search has measurements to plan with: Rofitall Wooden Toddler Walkers

Edit: I found the dimensions - 11 inches wide, 14 inches long and 18 inches to the handle.

YouTube has a video of one being made with the arms that move up and down.
Search: Amazing Woodworking Skills - Make a great wooden toy idea by scraps of wood

YouTube Video

The wheels were made with a bandsaw circle cutting jig. The hub area was cut with a 1/2" round nose bit. The tread on the wheels came from flat, grooved, self sticking weatherstrip.

Google clip art images for: Star wars AT-ATs and Jeep wrangler to find images to use as jigsaw templates.

Pretty much made it all up as I went. Trial and error.

Hope this helps,

Feb 14, 2022
Plans for Carter's Walker
by: Tony

Hi Daniel,

Sorry to say that Marshall did not provide any plans for this project. I don't have any way of contacting him either.

The best we can hope for is that he reads these notes and gets in touch.

Cheers, Tony

Feb 12, 2022
Where Can I Get These Palns?
by: Daniel Paul-Heskins

I’d really like to build this. Where can I get the plans, please.

Apr 21, 2021

by: Tony

Thanks again for sharing your baby walker project.

I am very interested in how the plywood arms move up and down.

It would be great to get a close up of the Jeeps and the Star Wars At-Ats.

I like the idea of weather strip treads for the wheels, I should try that sometime. The only kind of weather strip I can think of is the self adhesive foam type. Is that what you used?

You seem to have access to some exotic timbers. Most of my projects are made from pine or reclaimed bits and pieces I can find.

I hope you keep the projects coming, certainly very interesting.


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