Simple Wooden Toys To Make

Simple wooden toys to make, a collection of free print ready PDF files you can download.

Wooden Baby Toys

DIY baby walker made by Marshall Townsend for his grandson Carter.

The arms rise and fall as the walker is pushed along, making a delightful clackety clack noise.

Thanks to Mark Joines from Australia for these plans for a child's walker, which he designed and built for his granddaughter Genevieve.

This baby rattle made by Peter Lewis using bits of wood left over from other projects.

Read more about how you can make one too.

Push Pull Toys

Here is another simple wooden toy you can make with bits of scrap wood.

Here I have used food coloring to paint it. The wheels are cut from 32mm dowel fixed onto 6mm dowel axles.

It is part of my scroll saw animal puzzle patterns you can download for free, nix, nothing nada, not a cent.

Here is a homemade wood toy you can make using a scroll saw. I made the plans based on a series of photos from an auction.

Ramp Walking Toys

How to make a toy that moves without batteries.

Read the article about my attempt at working out how ramp walking toys work.

Includes free print ready templates you can download.

More Simple Wooden Toys To Make