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Rocking horse in a suitcase

How do you transport the rocking horse you have just made by airplane?

Why, you simply put it in a suitcase.

This is how Larry from Logan made a rocking horse for his granddaughter was able to take it with him to Boston in time for Christmas.

suitcase rocking horse
suitcase rocking horse
suitcase rocking horse

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Rocking Horse Andy 
Thank you so much for your free plans! I made the pine horse very quickly using only a jigsaw. I decided not to paint the horse. I tried gluing on the …

Rich S 
I got the tow & box van with the dump truck plans from you. I enjoyed doing the tow truck but modified the plans to make a fire truck. I was on a local …

Rocking Horse modified to be a Swedish Dala horse 
Your rocking horse plans modified to look like a Swedish Dala horse.

One word. Cardboard 
Have you ever thought of cardboard as a source for making toys. I use the single layer packaging from cereal boxes and such. I can't use the multilayer …

Wanga Shed 
My son's 40th. birthday present and, two i-phone stands...

Harley rocker 
England has their rocking horses so I felt the U.S. needed a heirloom rocker and what better then a Harley. Made of Hard Maple and Walnut, it's comprised …

Rocking Horse, Itzik Gefen Israel 
Thanks Tony for the plans, I really enjoyed doing my first DIY job, for my grandson. The only thing I changed, was to create a belly for the body. My wife …

Carter's Walker, Jeep/Star Wars themed 
This is the walker I created for my grandson. The 5 Baltic plywood arms move up and down in a random order. It has 3 Jeeps. Padauk, Canarywood and …

Toy Tipper Truck 
This is the first automotive toy I have created for my grandson. The chassis is Bamboo. Sides are Mahogany and the bed is Cherry. The underside of the …

Rocking horse 
Made from 2x6 fir lumber

Rocking Horse 
Followed your plans & instructions for the most part, but as you know, guys are always looking at ways to put a personal touch on somebody else's work!! …

Rosie rocking horse Gra Brown  
Easy project nice present for new baby

Small woodworking project serviette rings 
These are made for the grandkids as serviette rings as opposed to play items.

Make your own toys 
Hello Tony I hope you are well? I recently completed a website with which I hope to sell some toy making tutorials and toys. I have attached the address …

Rocking Horse  
I did it for my daughter, thanks for the project. I hope to do some more things

Trike riding chimp push/pull toy 
I've always loved those old tinplate toys. I'm just about old enough to had a few of them as a child. A recurring motif or theme is the monkey on a bike …

Kangaroo push/pull toy in carved and polished birch plywood 
The kangaroo toy uses a simple eccentric cam wheel and a follower located between the wheels and lower torso to drive the tail and head up and down. …

Kinetic frog toy in Sapele 
Here are some images of a recent project I completed. I loved shaping his big glum frog face. I designed and made him after drawing frogs and toads for …

Rocking Horse  
I made the rocking horse for a granddaughter. I have a disability which limits my mobility. This project was easy enough for me to complete. It took …

Built this for my daughters first birthday roughly 4’ wide by 4’ 6” long.

Dump truck  
Believe it or not I build this in grade 8 won the fall fair with it in 2001. My grandpa built me one similar I have yet to find the book (English version) …

Baby Doll Crib by Mal Compton 
Hi Tony attached are some pictures of the crib that I have made. I did follow your plans, but as this was my first project at 70 yrs old, …

I saw a great mustang rocking horse and wanted to try it out. I found a picture of a kids cartoon called Spirit and used that as my reference. Although …

Rocking Horse 
Thanks for the free plans! My daughter loves her new horse! Perfect size for a 2 year old (at least for mine).

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Wooden Toy Jeep 
I started the plan but soon found it to be way to small to allow for personal modifications and strengthening, so we restarted the project up-scaling the …

Magical door way to santa 
I bought my daughter an Elf from the Elf on the shelf idea and decided they needed a magical castle like door way back to Santa. Made from 6mm MDF …

Rocking Horse 
The daughter of a good customer turned three Jan 2016. She was having a birthday party and invited me. She enjoys watching me work and asks questions …

Toy Car Garage 
I have completed the toy car garage, This is my first ever woodworking project. I have to say a huge thank you for the toy car garage plans. Without …

Rocking Cot 
Well, not perfect but well pleased with my first foray into wood work. Thanks to your simple plans I have finished, what I think is a wonderful 2nd birthday …


Narooma Men's Shed 
Some of the toys for sale at the Plaza shopping center in Narooma. The designs featured made from some of the free plans available on this site. …

Lots of toys 
I like building toys and models from wood.

classic clock‬‏ 
A classic wooden clock‬‏ with a quartz movement. This is a copy of a clock made in the 1940's.

Book Ends 
Hi Tony, your plans started me off with some ideas for toys. My latest, though not from yourself, is some book ends for my Great Grandson and gave me the …

Kids Play Fort Flat Pack 
Having made, to some success, your flat packed house my Domestic Engineer suggested a fort with the same ethos. So I have. The Keep is 100 x 150 x 170 …

The Elephant and the Racing Car 
Hello Tony Attached are two photos of projects completed from your plans I very much enjoyed making them and the plans were great. I shall no doubt …

Doll Cradle 
Tony, Herewith are a few photos of the completed cradle. I did use some 18mm beading in its construction to which I screwed the relative parts. I feel …

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Free Woodworking Plans from Jim Barry at WoodworkersWorkshop

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