Child Safe Paints

by Andrew
(United States)

Hi Tony Thank you so much for making your plans for toys available.

I have just downloaded the toys for boys plans ready for me to make some toys for my nephew's new son.

I wonder if you have any advice on the type of paint and other finishes to use? Obviously I want something safe for children but don't seem to find anything mentioning this in the manufacturers' information.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Kindest regards Andrew

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Mar 06, 2020
Child sade paint
by: Andrew

Hi Tony

Thanks for your advice.

After being referred by one of the major paint manufacturers I did find a supplier of child safe paint here in the UK. They make a whole range of paints specifically for use with children.. There are wall and floor coverings as well as for wood etc. All products are VOC free. They were very helpful when I spoke to them.
if you like I will post their details here.

Thanks afain

Jan 30, 2020
Child Safe Paints
by: Tony

Hi Andrew, thanks for your kind words.

I did a quick internet search, and this is some of what I found:

My understanding is that paints free of Volatile Organic Compounds are generally considered safe for children.

Note that in chemistry the term organic is not the same as organic food in the supermarket.

I have also tried food colouring, and was surprised at how bright the yellow colour came out on pine.

Also mixed all the colours together to make black for the wheels.

If you have photos of my airplane and the road grader, they were painted with food colouring. Not sure how long the colour will last, these toys found a new home some time ago.

Another thing to consider is the fact that woodworkers making salad bowls and cutting boards also use some food grade finishes.

There are at least two woodworking forums that I know of that would give you some advice.

Here in Australia, there is

which runs the site woodworking forums, they sell food grade finishes, will deliver overseas.

The other is based in Canada, I think, or maybe it's just the name:

Both very friendly and helpful.

Hope that helps, and good luck with your projects.

Tony Slattery

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