Deck bench plans

Deck bench plans for an attractive addition to your patio. This is is the kind of woodworking project that is deceptively simple. To look good, it has to be built accurately.

Outdoor Furniture woodworking projectsBuild a Deck Bench

Deck bench plans parts list

deck bench plansExploded view

The dimensions for the deck bench plans are taken from the Sketchup model.

Part A 1220x90x38 Make 2

Part B 374x90x38 Make 2

Part C 1144x90x38 Make 8

Part D 374x90x38 Make 2

Part E 374x140x38 Make 4

Part F 310x90x90 Make 4

The sizes I have shown here are simply a guide..

For a woodworking project like this I would use cedar or golden cypress, also known as Macrocarpa in Australia and New Zealand.


For these deck bench plans I think a table saw and a thicknesser would be essential tools.

A band saw would be handy for resawing your timber.

Step by step building instructions


I would make a simple jig to hold the slats in place with a 9mm gap. 

Simply a piece of scrap wood with a set of screws that poke out just enough to grip the slats.

Start with part C, rip lumber to 38mm square, in lengths of 1140mm.

Lay out on flat surface with 9mm gap using the jig I invented.

layout deck benchMeasurements for the frame

To make a record of the length I would use something called a story stick to record the dimensions as shown. Note to self - don't forget to add 18mm for the gaps on both sides. 

This is the length to cut for part B, D and E. If I had a chop saw already set up to cut multiple lengths, I would do that now. 

Illustration showing part B on each end of the slats. Record this distance on my story stick and transfer it to part A.

Now I am ready to make the frame.

Step 1

free woodworking project plansStep 1

To make the frame I would make two L shapes using a builders square. 

Join the two L shapes to make the frame.

Because the screws are so close to the edge, I would feel more comfortable drilling 3mm pilot holes.

The old trick is to measure diagonally from corner to corner to make sure the frame is square.

Step 2

basic woodworking projectsStep 2

Lay the frame on a flat surface.

The slats should fit with 9mm spacers between each slat.

The red dots show the pre drilled pilot holes.

I thought long and hard about how to hold the slats in place while driving screws into the ends. This is how I would do it.

Shown white in the illustration is a piece of scrap board with screws at each position. The screws are driven so that only the point sticks out, thus holding the slats in place.

Do the same for the other side.

Step 3

Step 3

Mark the position of the leg assembly.

This is part D, checking for a proper fit and the red dots show where the deck screws would go.

Step 4

easy woodworking projectPart E Dimensions
Sketchup model woodworking projectStep 4

Now that we have the frame and the slats assembled, it’s time to think about the legs.

Making the legs as an incomplete, that means fixing Part E to one side only.

Once again showing the deck screws as red dots.

Note the position of the screws in the nearest corner. If I measured the same distance off the edge, the screws would clash.

Step 5

Outdoor deck benchStep 5

Showing the legs sub assembly in position.

Once again, the red dots show the position of the deck screws.

Step 6

deck bench plansStep 6

The last construction step is to fix Part E in place.

The red dots show the position of the screws.


I like to offset the screws at least 20mm from the edge. Sometimes they will clash with each other.

So in this instance I would make sure to  position the screws so that does not happen.

Download Deck Bench Plans

If you like, you can download a PDF copy of the deck bench plans.

The file includes everything on this page without the ads.


And there you have it. I hope you have enjoyed using these deck bench plans.

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