Dolls House Plans

Art Deco Dolls House Plans

The Art Deco dolls house plans I found in an article in the January 1937 Popular Mechanics magazine. There is enough detail in the article to make one, so I made a Sketchup model. 

I have also made a complete set of plans with enough information to build this model of an Art Deco doll house,
Follow the link for the free set of Art Deco dollhouse plans.

Art Deco doll house

Here is an example of the Art Deco dolls house I found on According to Rebecca it is featured in a book Dolls' Houses in Australia 1870-1950 published by Historic Houses Trust of N.S.W. The book is available in the Sydney library.

Art Deco Dolls House

Sold on eBay some time ago, this appears to have been built from the same dolls house plans.

I have found a few references to plans for sale, sometimes on eBay, but somehow I suspect they are copies of the original article from the Popular Mechanics article published on January 1937.

This one I found on Pinterest. Using image search, I have found this image on a few blogs, and most of them refer to each other, so I am not sure who it actually belongs to.

Apartment Dolls House Plans With Elevator

How to make an apartment dolls house with elevator. This article appeared in the February 1941 issue of Popular Mechanics.

I have made a Sketchup model.

Apartment dollhouse with elevator, List of parts with dimensions and cutting listCut List.

This dolls house plan includes a cut list that fits on a board that measures 900mm by 1200mm

dollhouse PMFeb41 montageParts List.

Measurements for the basement and all the floors including the penthouse and the elevator.

Follow this link for the free printable PDF copy of this Apartment Doll House Plan

Knock Down Dollhouse Plans

free dollhouse plansKnock Down Doll House Plans

Free doll house plans for this easy to make doll house project.

Knocks down for easy storage. Suitable for 2 inch peg dolls.

Fairyland Dolls House Plans

Inspired by an article in an online copy of Popular Mechanics December 1940.

I have also made a SketchUp model.

You can follow this link for a free PDF copy of the plans with a cut list and parts with dimensions.

Victorian Doll House Plans

Barbie houses are not very common to begin with, a Victorian style Barbie doll house is RARE.

This beautiful doll house would be the gift of a lifetime for a young daughter or granddaughter.

Designed by Richard Packer.



There really is not a scale for the Victorian House, it is just designed to fit Barbie (model) size dolls that are near 11 1/2 inches tall. The lower floor rooms are 14 inches high. The upper floor is about the same, the loft is about 12 inches at the peak.

Finished Dimensions

Height: 49.5 inches (125.7 cm)

Width: 60 inches (152.4 cm)

Depth: 39.5 inches (100.3 cm)

Plan Size: 24 pages

Published Date: 2010

Plan Language: English, all measurements are inches/feet unless stated otherwise.

Tools needed:

Scroll saw, drill, clamps and other common workshop tools.


For more information and how to buy the plans the link will take you to the Woodworkers Workshop web page.

Vintage Plans Popular Mechanics Magazine

Victorian Doll House

From an article I found in the December 1976 issue. Two enchanting dollhouses you can build.

Overall dimensions are 34 x 20 x 46 inches high.

The article is an advertisement for plans you can buy, so the article is limited in detail. I had the idea that I could make a SketchUp model based on the article.

Here is the address you can write to:

Popular Mechanics, Home and Shop Dept. Box 1014 Radio City Station, New York NY 10019.

This was the days before the internet, so who knows if the address is still valid. On the other hand, there should be no reason why it wouldn't be.

Another SketchUp Doll House Model

An open side dolls house inspired by an old magazine.

View the model in the Sketchup app where you can extract the cutting list for the parts. Simply play the scene tabs.