Kinetic frog toy in Sapele

by Michael Screen

Here are some images of a recent project I completed. I loved shaping his big glum frog face.
I designed and made him after drawing frogs and toads for inspiration.

There are two versions here; one is carved and shaped from sapele, the other is a stained and painted version in beech.

They both have a push handle which is omitted for clarity.

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Jul 13, 2020
Your book on mechanical toys
by: Tony Slattery

Hi Mike,

Must say I am quite impressed. I shall create a page with a link to your book as soon as I can.

Regards, Tony Slattery

Jul 12, 2020
Regarding frog toy
by: Mike Screen

Thank you for your kind remarks. Yes, his head opens and snaps shut as you push him along. There is a simple lever attached to the ends of each leg.
As the wheels rotate, the lever pushes the head up and gravity returns it to its original position. He makes a lovely 'snap' sound as he moves along.
I believe Sapele is a close member of the tropical timber family related to mahogany? He's made from a reclaimed Sapele door.
I look forward to adding some other toys in the near future.
The frog is contained within a book I recently wrote and published through the Crowood Press here in England, I have attached the link here:

Jul 12, 2020
Thanks for sharing
by: Tony

Thanks for sharing these amazing toys. They are truly works of art.

I hope they will inspire somebody to make one as well.

I wonder if the mouth opens as the frog moves along?

This toy reminds me of toys designed by David Wakefield.

The wood Sapele, there is a wood we have in South Africa (where I used to live) called Sapele Mahogany. I'm no expert in timber identification, but I'm sure it must be related.

The Sapele I remember from the distant past was a wonderful wood to work with, and it has a lovely aroma.

If you have any more photos of your marvelous toys, I would be happy to host them.

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