by Sarah
(Los Angeles)

Hi, it says free plan download. What if I don’t want to become a member? I’m new to woodworking and am just trying my hand at it. I don’t mind paying the 7.00, even though that makes it NOT free but do not want to be charged automatically once the year is over. Furthermore, would the NONE free 7.00 get me all plans for free for the year?



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Oct 11, 2021
Hi Sarah,
by: Tony Slattery

I think you must have followed one of the links on the page that is not mine, but an advertisement.

If you still have a record of the place the link it took you I can see what I can do about that.

I hope you will visit my site again and download a few of my free plans, they really are free because my income is derived from advertising, not charging membership fees.

I hope we can resolve this issue because I am concerned about misleading advertising.


Tony Slattery

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