Playhouse Plans

Crooked playhouse plans

Have you ever wanted to build a crooked playhouse? To make a basic set of playhouse plans I decided to use SketchUp to make a model one I would like to build one day. 

It was an interesting exercise in SketchUp. Now I have not modelled all the construction details. All I wanted at this stage is the dimensions for a preliminary model that I can make using cardboard.  

So I made one, and to my surprise, it collapses flat. Which means on a larger scale, I could make a kid size version using corrugated cardboard for the rumpus room. When the kids want to clear the room for other activities, it can fold flat against the wall.

My intention is to make another one using tempered hardboard. 

Now that I have the basic dimensions, I could also make more structures:

  1. Birdhouse. The birds wouldn't mind.
  2. Doghouse. I'm sure the dog would love it.
  3. Mailbox, letterbox. Wouldn't that be fun - I live at the house with the crooked letterbox.
  4. House for cats. They love cardboard boxes, they would be over the moon with a crooked playhouse.
  5. Outhouse. Also known as the thunderbox, the dunny and any other name you can think of, let me know.
  6. Garden shed. A place where I can keep my garden tools.

The list is as long as your imagination. Of course the dimensions would have to change accordingly, and that is the advantage of using the Sketchup program. Did I mention it's free?

Download a set of the free basic crooked playhouse.

Fairyland playhouse

You can download a free printable PDF copy of the article extracted from the June 1962 issue of Popular Mechanics. 

Free kids playhouse plans

Here is a set of free sample playhouse plans for a toddler from Pauls Playhouse Plans.