Rocking horse made by David Fisher

by David Fisher
(Wakefield, England)

Rocking Horse by David Fisher

Rocking Horse by David Fisher

Thank you for your reply about the rocking horse that I made from your drawings. You can find the image attached.

I life in Wakefield, England and made the horse at a local organisation that works with people who having either learning difficulties or find difficulty in gaining paid work. I’m fortunate in that I’m retired so just go there one day per week as a volunteer.

The horse is made from mainly 4 x 2 planed wood that has been recovered from scrap. The organisation (Able Project, Wakefield) gets skip-loads of wood with plywood attached, which has been used for shuttering for casting concrete. So some of the wood has screw holes and concrete marks, but is too good to be burned, so it was my suggestion that I made something of value from it.

I made the seat detachable – sorry no picture – with a square peg at the front that locates into the back of the head. Below it is a hollow box and a piece of wood attached to the bottom of the seat sits in the recess. I thought it would be good as a ‘hidey hole’ for the kids to use!

It’s got googly eyes and a leather harness, made from a belt that my daughter gave me.

Hope that helps

Dave Fisher

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