Rocking Horse Oscar

by Roy Brownlow

I have cut out the pieces for the rocking horse, I would like to know what size bit to use to cut out the mane holes on the head, how deep and how far apart. Thank you.

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Oct 27, 2017
Cutting the groove for the woolen mane.
by: Tony

I have to assume you are making either Oscar or Rosie Rocking Horse.

The size of drill bit should be maximum one third the thickness of the wood, as a rule of thumb.

How far apart? Well, the reason for doing this was for cutting a groove along the edge so that the wool for the mane could be wrapped around a cardboard template. If you have a look at the instructions it should be showing this.

What I did was to drill a series of holes, and using a tenon saw and chisel, cut the groove. Very much like cutting a very long mortise for a mortise and tenon joint.

There is another way of cutting a groove, and that is to use a fly cutter or slot cutting bit in a router.

If you would prefer to drill holes and insert the woolen mane this way, that should work. Pretty much how brushes are made.

How far apart? I would think to leave about 6mm or 1/4 inch of material between each hole.

How deep? Here again, about 20mm or 3/4 inch.

Suggest you try it on a scrap piece of wood to see how it looks first.

Hope that helps,

Regards, Tony Slattery

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