Rocking Horse Rosie

by Armajit
(London, England)

I'm making Rosie the rocking horse as a first Christmas gift for my baby. I cut everything out today and glues and clamped the head.

Where do the wedges go? And the bottom of the feet will be attached to the spreader at an angle right? Would I have to cut the bottom of the feet at angle to account for this?

Thank you for your plans. your website is great. Very inspiring.

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Dec 15, 2016
Maybe the wedges should be optional...
by: Tony

Hi Amarjit, thanks for your question.

Perhaps the wedges should be optional...

The wedges are fixed to the top of the leg, in order to splay the legs out at an angle from the body. I did this for two reasons, one was because I liked the way it made the horse look.

The other reason is because I think it makes the horse just that little bit more stable - please note this is just an opinion based on the theory of what looks good and stable should be stable.

This also makes the connection of the feet a bit more of a challenge, which is why I used the blocks on both sides to make feet.

These are painted black in my photographs.

If this is all too complicated, simply leave the wedges out, and have the legs straight. Looking from the front, that is.

Hope that helps.

Tony Slattery

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