Tools for making wooden toys

by Dan

I am new to woodworking. I have a single car garage that I am using for my shop. Most of the tools I am getting are bench top, (Drill press, sanders, planer, jointer, etc.) but the band saw is one I am torn on. What size band saw do you use? I am looking at at 10" but I have the room for a 14".

I want to make more than just toys, but not furniture, at least not often. Since you seem to make a lot of toys, I figure you will have the best idea on required/best size of band saw to use.

I am looking at getting a jig saw, one of the 21" ones...

Thank you

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Sep 06, 2020
Choosing tools for woodworking
by: Tony

Hi Dan

Welcome to the wonderful world of woodworking.
To answer your question about band saws – if it was me, I would get the biggest and best quality I could afford.

Even as a hobby, tools are a worthwhile investment in terms of how much you enjoy using that particular tool.

I made the mistake once of buying a second hand entry level band saw that had been abused. Needless to say I did not enjoy using it.

There is so much more I could say on this subject, maybe sometime soon I shall write a new page.

By the way, when you talk about a 21 inch jig saw, I have to assume you mean a scroll saw?

I have an entry level 16 inch scroll saw and I am quite happy with it once I got used to working with it. It’s quite different to a band saw.

This is perhaps the most important thing about woodworking and the tools we like to use.

Good luck with your endeavours and I hope you let us know how you progress.

Regards, Tony Slattery

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