Toy Car Garage

by Matt
(Adelaide, SA, Australia)

I have completed the toy car garage,

This is my first ever woodworking project. I have to say a huge thank you for the toy car garage plans. Without these plans, i probably would have never done this project.

I am a youngish first time dad with twin boys who are growing up fast. I always wanted a toy car garage myself as a kid after seeing my cousin with one. So once i saw my boys enjoying playing with their many toy cars (their new ones + my old ones), i searched the internet and came across these plans, i downloaded them about 6 months ago, i had them in the back of my mind for awhile.

The time had come with some time off work, so I bought the materials and construction was underway. At first this was a daunting project for me having never done woodworking, not knowing what tools and equipment was required, but the step by step instructions on the website were easy to follow and it made this project quite enjoyable and i was enthusiastic to get it done.

The plans are great and good detail, i built this project with the 9mm MDF, using only tape measure, pencil, set square, straight edge, jigsaw, junior hacksaw and assorted files. Also I must give a special thank you to my beautiful wife for bringing the garage to life with her painting, it came up better than i ever imagined if i had attempted painting.

During construction (lounge room was my workshop) the boys have been playing with the garage before it was even finished and once finished the elevator really is the icing on the cake. they love it so much, i can see them using this for many years to come.

So again thank you kindly it is very much appreciated by myself and family.


South Australia

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