Toy plans to use in a photoshoot as props?

Dear Tony,

My name is Madeleine Lithvall and I’m the creative director of Lapland Resorts. We operate two Arctic ski resorts in Sweden; Riksgränsen and Björkliden Fjällby.

At the beginning of November, we are planning to have a Christmas photoshoot to promote a Christmas Ski Lodge concept that we will start welcoming our guests to in December 2022. For this shoot, I’m on the hunt for props and decorations. I found your website and saw the free plans of the toys, which I thought were beautiful! I’m wondering if we are allowed to print some of these plans and use them as props for our Santa workshop? They will be laid out on a table to illustrate that Santa and his helpers make toys in this workshop.

Please let me know if we can use them, and / or what you would charge for having them in 1 or 2 photos? I’m happy to put your name in the corner of the plans. We cannot add a link to a website unfortunately since it’s suppose to look vintage.

I’m looking forward to hearing your response!

Kindest regards,

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Oct 19, 2021
by: Tony

Hi Madeleine,

Thanks for your kind words.

I would be delighted to allow you to use my plans as props in your photoshoot.

I would be even more delighted if you would be willing to share some of the photos that I could publish on my website.

If that is a copyright problem, even a photo of the photoshoot, like they use in promoting movies and such.

If you let me know which of the plans end up in the photoshoot, I can mention that on the relevant page. Something like these plans were used in promoting these ski lodges in Sweden.

I searched for the name of the resorts, they look really wonderful. Maybe one day I will be able to visit.

I see the date you mention is December 2022, that seems to be a long way away.

I have to admit that I am reluctant to charge for these plans. Most of my income comes from advertising, so any publicity is a bonus.

Regards, Tony Slattery

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