Bleriot Canard

Two examples of the flying model version of the Bleriot Canard XXV.

  1. Rubber powered Peanut Scale with an article  from The Model Builder magazine by W. C. Young. I will have to assume the wingspan is about 300mm or 12 inches.
  2. Electric power with a wingspan of 998mm or close to 36 inches. I found this model airplane plan on a Czech language site With the magic of Google Translate I was able to read it in English.
  3. Another canard of very similar designed and built by Harry Hertzog and Cortland S. Parker. This is not a model, but I have included it in the PDF download anyway. From the Aeronautics Annual 1913-14.
Canard Biplane

Here is a gas powered free flight canard biplane that is very simple to build. Designed by Randy Wrisely and powered by a Cox 049.

Inspired by vintage models, the wings are a simple stick construction frame, no aerofoil section. The original was covered with tissue, but you could also use Monokote or Solarfilm.

Today I suppose you could use foam board and an electric motor with some kind of timer to limit the flight duration.

From Model Builder March 1978 25in span.


Download plans and articles for Bleriot Canard

Download the article and plans for the gas powered free flight canard biplane.

More Flying Model Aircraft Plans

I am working on a collection of weird and wonderful model aircraft that you can build and fly. Some of them are as ugly as sin, so ugly only a (creator) could love them. Others are as cute as a button. You decide.