Model Airplane Plans

Model airplane plans for toys that fly. My apologies for calling them toys, because the hobby of designing, making and flying model aircraft is in fact an engaging and educational pastime.

Trying to decide what to include on this page was quite easy. I did not want to compete with the hundreds of free model aircraft plan sites that I have come across in my research. Instead I wanted something unusual, interesting, different. 

I have decided on two categories of  my favourite designs: ugly as sin and cute as a button. To be fair, some aircraft designs are so ugly that they become beautiful.

Peres III Pod and Boom Biplane Glider

To quote the article from Aeromodeller Annual:

This design from the Tel Aviv Experimental Center for Areomodelling and Low Speed Aerodynamics, inspired by ING F. Piatelli. 

Looks like playing with model airplanes was a serious business back then.

The original built from hardwood and hardwood veneer. I’m sure it can be built with balsa wood.

An unusual feature is the anti lift tail plane, an inverted aerofoil section. Apparently it was something favoured by the Italians, used in many of their flying boat designs.

No tow hook position is shown, but according to the article, it should be about 3 inches back from the nose of the pod.

If I was to make one, as an experimental prototype, there are a few things I would change. First, change the construction of the wings with a few more ribs and a more substantial leading edge.

Also, vertical grain webbing between the spars for the first third of the wingspan. For the pod and boom, I would more than likely use soft balsa sheet instead of the polygonal pod as shown.

It would be an experimental prototype, after all, and I would hate to see all my hard work come crashing into the ground on the maiden flight. 

Dimensions in inches:

Span 39 ½ 

Length 27 ¾

Main plane Chord 5 1/8

Tail Plane Span 12

Tail plane Chord 4

Download the plans here: Peres III Biplane Pod and Boom Glider by Ing F. Piatelli

Tailless Model Airplane Plans

Dutch Tailless Glider

Another vintage toy airplane plan from the 1948 edition of Aeromodeller Annual. This is the Dutch tailless glider by W. Luxemburg.

It is only a sketch with not much by way of construction detail. Dihedral appears to be 1 3/8 inches at the wingtips, with a 7/16 inch washout.

It also features an unusual method of fixing the rudder, which I imagine would make it detachable, why I'm not sure.

I could use it as inspiration for my own design one day.

Download the Dutch Tailless Glider by W. Luxemburg.

The Sultana Powered Pusher Model Airplane

Download the Sultana Powered Tailless Pusher Model Airplane designed and built by Dr. Martin Sultan.

Featured in the 1952 Aeromodeller Annual, it is a free flight design which I think can easily be adapted to Radio Control.

With a wingspan of 82 1/2 inches the original was powered by a 5 cc Bonnier diesel (similar to a Micron) with a four blade propeller.

Purely out of curiosity, I searched for the term Bonnier diesel, and found Adrian's Model Aero Engines.

The Bleriot Canard XXV

The Famous Louis Bleriot. Read more about two of the flying scale models you can download.

Chuck Glider Plans

Download chuck glider plans Spinner by Frank Koditek & Bill Fetcher.

Features a handy scale bar so that you can work out how to print it to scale.

Autogiro Model Plans

Download the control line autogiro model plans for 1/2 A engines.

Toy Helicopter Design

How to design your own toy helicopter. Download the article from Aeromodeller magazine.

Good Different

And now for something completely different.

Download the Dutch flying saucer PDF article including the plans.