Rocking Horse by Ron Guggisberg

by Ron


As you can see... I liked your choice of colors too!

A couple more things I will do different next time (next grandchild):
1. Don't use the template for the body. Instead I will cut the head first and then just trace that profile for the front of the body.
2. Make the cut under the chin just a bit deeper. On yours, you have a slight curve in the bridle; which works fine if you paint the bridle on. I used leather lace and it does not curve well. With a bit deeper cut the lace would be straight and would lay better.

If you are ever changing the drawing you might include the seat back... although maybe you intentionally left that out because it is so simple.

I've been to Australia several times for work years ago (scoreboard/message board for 1985 World Cup Athletics in Canberra and the message board at Homebush Stadium in Sydney). I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Thanks a bunch for a great idea and good plans.

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