Free Toy Train Woodworking Plans

Digital download free toy train woodworking plans includes full size templates and step by step instructions.

free wooden toy train plansFree Toy Train Plans

Simple project easy to make wooden toy train. There is a secret compartment in the boiler accessible from the cab.

Making a round cylinder for the boiler is a challenge if you don’t have access to a wood lathe.

I made the boiler cooper style. Who was it that suggested making a stack of disks and gluing them together. That would be quite solid, and you would lose the secret compartment inside the boiler.

Unless you can figure out how to make a series of rings instead. Easy enough on a wood lathe. Without one, I would do it the way I make large wooden wheels.

You may have other ideas, like using a tin can or a cardboard tube.

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A Work In Progress

A work in progress, I am trying to make a ¼ scale model of the backyard train designed and built by Robert Woolson.

Part of an article in the 1965 edition of Popular Mechanics, but the plans are no longer available. I have made a 3D model in SketchUp.

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wooden toy trains3D Model Switching Engine

 This toy train is based on the design of a display model of an eighteenth century switching engine by Alfred D Slater

First published in an article in a magazine with illustrations.

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