Wooden Toy Car

Making a wooden toy car for kids is great fun, perhaps even more fun than the kids themselves would have playing with them. Better than buying a toy from a store, this is one that you have made yourself, perhaps even designed yourself.

Making animated toys is a challenge, but it does have it's rewards. 

Could there be anything more satisfying than watching the kids play with the wooden toys you have made?

All these easy woodworking project plans include full size templates with a step by step building guide and photos.

Easy woodworking projects designed to be made using scraps of wood and basic woodworking tools.

New wooden car design

Wooden car designs, a great scroll saw project to practice with. I made this one using left over bits of wood from other projects.

I stained the fenders to make it look more interesting. 

Instead of cutting the wheel arches using a scroll saw, I cut out a pair of wheels using a modified circle cutter.

toy racing car

A toy racing car driven by Big Heart Bear.

Make this delightful toy racing car using only hand tools and bits of wood from your scrap bin.

The body is laminated with three pieces, the middle is meranti and the two outside pieces book ends of  pine so that the grain forms an interesting pattern.

Read more about these toy car plans.

This free wooden toy car plan is inspired by the convertible from the 1930's, this roadster is fun to build.

Print ready PDF step by step instructions with photos are also available.

The Batmobile has a similar construction method as the racing car.

The addition of rocket power makes this car hard to beat.

How to build this 4x4 DIY Wooden Car  free plans includes full size printable template patterns with instructions.

Powerful all terrain vehicle conquers the harshest conditions in absolute comfort.

Anyone would be delighted to have one at home.

1905 toy car hero

I had a bit of fun making a SketchUp model from an article posted of the woodwork forums. Thank Chrrris, I hope you read this sometime.

It is a work in progress.

Watch the video, let me know what you think.

More Toys For Boys

Making Wooden Toy Wheels

For these wooden toy cars, I made my own wheels using a circle cutter mounted in a drill press.

It may be easier to buy ready made toy wheels from eBay. 

A selection of from Ebay. Includes wagon wheels, spoked wheels and wheels with treads.

How to Make Animated Toys that that do all of these things: they walk, wiggle, waddle, wobble, whirl, swirl, stroll, stride, shimmy, shake, rattle and roll. How many more words can you think of? Probably more than you could shake a stick at.

Make wooden toy trains that excite the imagination of children and teach them hand-eye coordination with this special stacking wood toy train.

Make wooden toy trucks with one of the more popular books on making wooden toys. You do not have to have a great number of tools, and the projects are relatively easy for beginners. Surprise your family with these lovely projects from these easy to follow detailed plans. Even though these toys are not models it may take a fair amount of time, but the results are very satisfying.