Free Rocking Horse Plans Andy

Free Rocking Horse PlansRocking Horse Andy

There are two versions of this rocking horse project, the original with a seat height of 500mm (20 inches) and Andy Junior with a seat height of 350mm (14 inches.)


These are some of the tools used to complete free rocking horse plan Andy. The links will take you to the shopping channel eBay, where you can see the latest tools on display and compare prices.

  1. Power Drill
  2. Band saw scroll saw or jigsaw.
  3. Tenon saw.
  4. Combination square.
  5. Sliding bevel.
  6. Smoothing plane.
  7. Woodworking clamps.
  8. Builders square.

Optional Tools

To make duplicate parts such as the legs, I used a router mounted in a (shop made) router table with a pattern cutting bit.

The router is also useful in rounding over the edges.

Have a look at my shop made router table. Link opens a new page.


These two projects have been designed to use 19mm (3/4") project timber that is easy to obtain from your local timber supplier and most hardware stores. Sometimes called white wood. The handle is a piece of dowel that just happens to be the same size as a broom handle.

For the eyes, you can use wiggle-eyes from your local craft or novelty store. Use ribbon or imitation leather about 10mm wide for the bridle.

Step by Step Instructions

Use the full size patterns to make templates. I find the templates useful to mark out the pattern directly onto the timber to minimize waste.

The templates are used as a guide for cutting out and then trimming with a trim bit mounted in a router.

Step 1

Photo shows how the template is used with a trim bit mounted in a router. The template is attached to the workpiece with double sided tape. 

Photo shows the component parts cut out, edges rounded over and sanded smooth, ready for assembly.

Showing an exploded 3D view of how the parts fit together.

With one screw attached to allow the leg to swivel the sliding bevel is used to measure the angle. Drill a pilot hole for the second screw.

Showing the head in position with the infill. Note the legs are not attached in this photo.

free rocking horse plans Andy

Photo showing the head attached. Note this time the infill is not shown.

Photo showing the other body side glued and clamped in place.

All that remains is to attach the rockers and the platform and you have a brand new rocking horse.

Download Free Rocking Horse Plans Andy

Instant digital download print ready PDF Rocking Horse Andy

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