Easy Woodworking Projects

A few easy woodworking projects I have made over the years. Most of them are made from scrap wood, bits left over from other projects and my "one I will make something with this" stock pile of useful bits.

A few gift project ideas

Novelty lamp easy woodworking project

I have found quite a few examples of this really cute novelty lamp. No plans, so I decided to make a Sketchup model.

I have made a PDF copy of the plans that you can use to make this easy woodworking project.


Using a traditional incandescent light bulb is a fire hazard because they can get really hot. There is also the risk of electric shock because they work on a high voltage.

So it is important is that you use an LED light.

I had a look on eBay, and found a portable USB powered camping light. It costs less than AU$10 with free shipping. In the interest of all that is fair, I have to let you know I may earn a small commission if you actually buy this item.

A LED torch may be another option.

Guard dog door stop

Inspired by part of an article I found in an old magazine.

I made a SketchUp model first, then printed the page views to scale, pasted the prints onto bits of off cuts left over from other projects and the “one day” wood pile. 

If you download the free scroll saw patterns, you will discover that I have included another guard dog template, because what’s better than one dog is two guard dogs.

It has just occurred to me that Siamese cats also make very good guards.

A pair of bookends

Keep your books organized with this cute pair of bookends woodcraft project.

Something that is easy to make with a scroll saw or even a jigsaw.

Tea light candle holder

How to make a decorative tea light holder. 

A Sketchup model inspired by a photo I found on Pinterest.

An easy project I hope to make one day with bits of scrap wood left over from other woodworking projects.

Decoupage container

Another useful handmade gift item you can make.

This handy woodcraft project container, with it's decoupage finish and would be a valuable addition to any home.

I made it using 6mm MDF and a few hand tools including a jig saw, hand plane and an electric drill.

I spray painted the inside dark blue, and finished the edges in artists gold paint with a ruling pen.

Desktop easel photo display

Here is a perfectly simple and easy woodworking project you can make in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.

I made this display easel with bits of wood rescued from an outdoor umbrella. 

Artist easel display stand

Another useful project you can make on a budget is this artist easel display stand. 

I made this with lengths of 65 x 19 project timber and a piece of cord.

Make a spice rack for your kitchen

Another easy woodworking project for beginners that you can make using scraps of wood.

Every kitchen needs a spice rack, and you can make this one using hand tools.

Make simple toys with a scroll saw

Free plans to build a rocking horse ornament - a small scale version of Andy. Easy scroll saw project.

I made this one using scraps of MDF and painted it with acrylic paint.

A doll size rocking horse in the shape of a Vespa scooter. A simple scroll saw project. 

Also made it with MDF scraps, looks pretty in pink.

More Easy Woodworking Projects

How to build a corner bookshelf

free bookshelf plansHow to build a corner bookshelf
Cutting list from one board
How to measure the angles

Click on the image to enlarge. The first image shows a screenshot of the request from Reddit.

The second image shows the cut list from one board. you could show this to your local timber supplier and ask them to cut the board to size.

The third images shows you how to measure the angle. This is what I would do:

Step 1. Mark the sizes of the squares. Because the sizes shown are nominal, your board dimensions  may vary slightly. Make allowance for the width of the blade. Cut the board in half.

One thing to bear in mind when laying out the measurements is that the ends of the board may no the a square as it should be, so you may need to square that up.

Step 2. Rip the remaining board in half. If you are using a table saw, it is entirely within the realms of possibility that the cut will be quite clean, unlike using a hand saw, which will need a hand plane to clean up the saw marks.

Step 3. This is where the third image should be self explanatory. Here is where I would use a sliding bevel to record the angle and transfer it to the other boards.

Make something useful for the home with these shelf woodworking plans.

Ask me anything, share your project

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