wooden Ride on toy plans

Most popular wooden ride on toy plans to build are rocking horses. There are three plans that I designed and they are free to download.

Many a father has built a pedal car over the years. You can find vintage pedal plans and even pedal car kits to build the classics.

Even a magnetic powered riding toy train that simulates steam power. We would call it a solenoid engine today.

Rocking horse plans

Three rocking horse plans that I have designed, free to download.

Rocking Horse Oscar and his little sister Rosie. Features a woolen tail and mane.

This was my first design.

While I was building rocking horse Oscar, I had an idea about how to join the legs to the body and the rockers, and Pinto was born.

Pinto became the second horse in the stable.

Say hello to Andy, number three rocking horse with design ideas borrowed from Oscar and Pinto. 

Andy also has a smaller brother, Andy Junior.

Pedal car plans

Plans and kits to build pedal cars.

Vintage plans to build pedal cars.

Jeep pedal car plans.

Pedal airplane plans.