Woodwork Projects

All the woodwork projects found on this page are designed to be made with just a few basic woodworking tools, using project timber that is readily available in most hardware stores.

Project timber is also known as white wood, or dressed all round, this is knot free finger jointed pine, ready to use. It may be more expensive than raw unprocessed timber, but is well worth it unless you have all the machinery to do this yourself.

All the plans featured here are complete with step by step instructions. Free to download as a PDF file with no obligation to register your email address or any other personal details.

Feel free to build any one of these projects for you own personal use, to give away to family or friends, or even to sell at your local market.

You may also freely distribute the plans you download without any changes or amendments. Please use this contact me form if you have any questions.

A quick and easy project for beginners, download these free display easel plans.

Small enough to fit on your desktop, show off your photos or artwork to best advantage.

Uses 19mm square project timber and 6mm dowel, a bit of glue a lenght of string and a few panel pins.

Make this artist easel with these free artist easel plans.

A lightweight design that can be made by anyone with handyman skills. It can also be used as a display easel. 

Made from project timber using a hand saw and an electric drill.

The free plans include a cutting diagram and building guide.

How to make a spice rack for all seasons.

A very simple, easy to make project that will prove to be very useful in the kitchen. 

Made with project wood, a jigsaw and an electric drill.

Instructions and diagrams included in this free PDF download.

massage table plans

Easy to make DIY folding massage table from these free massage table plans.

Made with project timber. All you need are basic woodworking tools. 

saw horse plans

A collection of sawhorse plans to suit every need. Besides being quite useful, it is often one of the first projects undertaken.

router table plans

I needed to mount my Makita D-handle upside down, but I did not want the hassle of making a complete router table with all the bells and whistles.

More Woodwork Projects

Craftsman Furniture projects are always popular.

Free workbench plans for a basic but very sturdy workbench that is easy to build and does not cost a fortune.

A few easy woodwork projects that you can complete in a weekend.

Share your project in the interactive woodworking gallery, a place to give and receive comments and advice to fellow woodworkers.

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